Do you need help?

…what about your friends or family?


We can all feel down at times, but we don’t have to stay down…

Devas passively uses your mobile phone behaviour to identify as soon as it thinks you might be feeling down or just need someone to talk to.

It then automatically (without you lifting a finger) gets you support from people you have chosen and trust, we call these people your guardians.



Like many things in life, mental wellbeing is not binary, you are not either 'well' or 'depressed' and nobody stays at one point their whole life (and most not even on the same day for that matter).

We all experience periods of low or negative mood, sometimes we can handle these ourselves, but sometimes they can take us to darker places that are more difficult to escape from.

At Devas we want to make sure that when you feel down, we can get you out of it ASAP, before it manifests itself in more sinister ways.

Devas relies on what we call 'Guardians', these are your best friends, partners, relatives or anyone else you feel you can trust.


We'll let them know if we think you aren't behaving like yourself and help them to try and help you out, no immediate professional intervention, no chatbots, just someone you trust to talk to.


“Of course, I’d love to help someone if they were having problems, it’d make me feel great, useful, even!

- Devas guardian

Asking makes me feel weak, like a burden… so I don’t”

- Devas user

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